What is TOG? How can Tog help my baby to be comfortable while sleeping?

What is Tog?

Admit it, you hover around your baby while she's sleeping, checking on li'l bit's comfort and safety, right? Thanks, I knew I wasn't alone! ;-)

What is Tog? The TOG will empower you to be the nighttime hero for your little bambino.

One of the main concerns of new parents and grandparents is dressing baby appropriately for sleep. 

We want them to be warm, but overheating is a very real danger for infants. Researchers have discovered that it can be a significant factor in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). More about baby sleep safety here.

So to help you keep the little tykes safe, meet the TOG (Thermal Overall Grade).

What is Tog?

The British TOG value is a measure of thermal resistance, i.e. a warmth rating. All fabrics have a Tog, regardless of their weight. Higher TOG values provide more thermal insulation.  And if they are doubled over, the Tog doubles also.

You add up the TOG of the layers your precious is wearing.

Room temperature changes the needed Tog value

What your little sleepyhead wears for bedtime depends on the temperature of the nursery.

This infographic will help you dress your very young child to be comfortable in various room temperatures. Sleeperific.com gives the Tog value of their sleepsacks and swaddles and an image of other clothing to be worn under it for various room temperatures.

This additional chart gives you an idea of the TOG values of baby clothing. You can familiarize yourself with the values of your baby's sleeptime wardrobe to help you decide as you dress the baby bunting for bed.

What is Tog? I think you know now that it can help you protect your baby

At this link, the Halo people help us out with understanding TOG and the layers of clothing our wee ones need, depending on the temperature of the nursery.

Of course, they assume you will be using the Halo SleepSack to bundle your little one for sleeping. Which is actually an excellent idea! The Halo SleepSacks and swaddles are breathable and wick moisture away from your little tyke's body to help regulate their temperature.

A note to clarify: If layering baby's clothing, use a cotton, bamboo, tencel, or wool for the onesie or clothing next to baby's skin. These fabrics also wick moisture away, keeping baby comfortable and, therefore, sleeping longer.

You could use a little more uninterrupted sleep, couldn't you?

Other wearable blankets I recommend are Little Lotus Baby's premium swaddles and sleep sacks. They utilize a proprietary fabric designed for NASA that helps regulate baby's body temperature. This amazing fabric absorbs extra heat away from baby and gives it back if the temp gets cooler. Technology ~ gotta love it!

Parental intuition

Of course, no two babies are quite the same, are they? So use the TOG to instruct your personal parental intuition.

And if you co-sleep with the child, keep in mind that anything covering them adds to the TOG rating. This includes your arm around them and your duvet or bedspread (major Tog value). When in doubt, check baby's skin for a flushed, red color; check his neck and chest for heat or sweat; and check her fingers for icy coldness (cool is okay, but not cold). Too cool is better than too hot for infants.

Use your best informed judgment in dressing your baby for sleep. You may wish to buy a few Halo SleepSacks or Little Lotus wearable blankets. They are tried and proven effective. Amazon has these and several other brands available.

Such innovations help keep your baby safe and warm without using blankets. Blankets pose a suffocation risk for infants, and overheating increases the risk of SIDS.

Check the packaging for the TOG value. It's different for summer vs. winter fabrics. If you don't find it on the package, check the brand's website. They may have it. If you can't find it, this helpful PDF from Frimley Park Hospital in the UK contains a chart of some common TOG clothing values for babies.

What is Tog? It's a measure of how warm different fabric and clothing can keep your baby. Knowing about Tog can help you dress your baby for safe sleep.

I wish I had this information when my kids were small! It's a great way to estimate whether your child will be warm enough without overheating.

As you increase your knowledge of baby sleep safety, you can share that knowledge with friends and family. The more who know, the safer we keep our babies. ;-)

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