Heart Cable baby blanket ~ part 2 ~ simple baby blanket edge

Now that you have knit and joined the Heart Cable baby blanket strips, it's time for the simple crochet edging. Very versatile and super easy!

This link will take you back to the instructions for the knitting part, if you like.

Need to know:

  • Chain (Ch)
  • Single crochet (SC)
  • Half double crochet (HDC)
  • Double crochet (DC)
  • Skip (Sk)
  • Slip stitch (Sl)

How to begin the Heart Cable baby blanket edging

The first two rounds are basic single crochet. Evenly space your stitches through the knit edges. For the left/right sides, you'll easily see good spacing in the garter stitch edge. For the top/bottom, try to be uniform.

These two rounds form the transition from the knit heart cable part of the blanket to the more lacy crochet edge.


R1: With right side facing you, use the white yarn to SC evenly on every side of the heart cable blanket. In every corner space- SC, ch2, SC. Slip stitch to finish the round. (For estimating purposes, you'll be about 90 stitches per side. Just be sure your opposite sides are equal--and that tension is not too tight or loose.)

R2: Using red yarn, SC in every sc. In each corner, SC, ch2, SC. Slip stitch to end the round.

R3: Using white yarn, begin in the first sc past a corner. *HDC, ch1, sk1, repeat from * across. In each corner, HDC, ch2, HDC, ch1, sk1. Join with slip stitch in top of first hdc.

R4: Crochet as in R3 ~ All HDC are made in ch spaces

R5-7: Repeat R4

R8 Shell stitch row: Working only in the spaces, slip 1 st in next space, double crochet 5 in next space, *sl 1, dc5. Repeat from * all around. Sl in beginning space to finish (you already have 1 sl in the space)

Try to put a slip stitch into each corner space. I like symmetrical corners ;-). You may need to do a little fudging on this round to make that work. But if that's too much trouble, then just work the pattern all the way around, fudging the last shell, if necessary.

You could do the math of course, and make it work perfectly. May the math gods bless you! (If it helps, I have determined that this shell stitch is a 4 + 1 pattern.)

If you'd like to block your finished blanket, this steamer is my go-to for blocking. It's a perfect size for me and does a lovely job!

Have tons of fun crafting this adorable Heart Cable baby blanket for your little bonbon! Comment with a picture of yours ~ I'd love to see this cable baby blanket worked up in other colors!

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