Adding the Satin Binding to the Blanket

This blanket with satin binding is continuation from the prepping of the blanket and binding page.


Tuck and pin

About midway down a side of the blanket, tuck the fleece side into the satin binding. Be sure that the shorter width of binding is on top!

Allow the binding to naturally lie flat. This may mean that the fabric does not go quite all the way into the folded edge. I pin the binding to keep it in place.


NOTE: Work only one side at a time. After each side, I clip threads and lay the blanket flat. This helps me to miter the corner more easily and pin all the way down the next side.



On your sewing machine, set up a wide zig-zag stitch that is not too close and not too long. The pictures give you an idea of the stitch length.


Go slowly. Not too fast. Check the backside of the blanket to be sure you’re catching the satin binding and it looks good. Sew right to the end of that edge of the fabric. Clip your threads.

The picture of gray fleece with the yellow binding was taken after I completed the blanket. I decided you might appreciate a picture of what it looks like sewing all the way to the end before you make the mitered corner.

How to make a mitered corner

Turn the binding along the next side. Fold the corner so that the top and bottom angle seam line up with each other. Pin it.

Begin to fold the mitered cornerBegin to fold the mitered corner
Lining up the back with the frontLining up the back with the front
See how the top...See how the top...
...lines up with the bottom....lines up with the bottom.


I start at the corner and do a narrower zig-zag of zero length to anchor the stitching. Then I widen it and stitch the angle. When I’m back on the normal inside of the satin binding, I zig-zag down the edge to the next corner.

NOTE: Proceed in this way down each side. I like to clip the threads and lay the blanket out flat to make and pin the mitered corner and next edge. Then I take it back to the machine. Unroll the binding as needed to pin and sew each side.

Proceed in this way to miter all the corners EXCEPT the last one. 

Let’s do some ironing before we miter that last corner!

Before you miter the final corner, estimate the amount of binding you need to finish the blanket. I leave an extra 3 inches or so to work my final overlap magic.

Follow these steps


Take the blanket with binding to your ironing board.

  1. Fold one corner of the binding in a little past the fold. Press.
  2. Fold the other corner in a little past the fold. Press.
  3. Now fold the satin binding normally and press again. This ensures no loose edges that may fray.

Now go back to your sewing machine and miter that last corner.

It’s time to finish up!

Sew down the final side until your neatly pressed angled end overlaps the beginning of the binding. Pin the edges so the top and bottom edges meet (like your mitered corners did). Zig-zag to the edge. To lock your stitching, turn your stitch length to zero. Then zig-zag a couple times. Cut your threads and you’re done!

Happy fabric, happy stitching, happy kid!

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