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Roxie's House of Joy ~
Think you've seen cute swaddles?

EDIT: I just found out today, June 19, 2018, that Roxie's House of Joy is discontinuing all of their Baby Everything Baby and Toddler Blankets! This quick aff link will take you to Amazon to get in on the discounted blankets they have left.

Everything Baby and Toddler Blanket - Cotton Muslin, Girls or Boys, 47" x 47", Sunshine

These are a favorite of mine! Blessings to the Roxie's House of Joy people. Hope all is well!

Roxie's House of Joy uses scientific principles of infant brain development to design gorgeous muslin swaddle blankets! You'll want several for your own children. However, these versatile blankets make awesome baby gifts, as well, because each comes in a keepsake gift bag!

Benefits of Roxie's swaddle blankets

Every parent who desires to provide mental stimulation for their new offspring will appreciate the sensory qualities of these unique baby swaddles.

  • The designs are tested to visually appeal to infants and adults using engaging designs in high contrast colors.

    ~The Flower of Life design introduces an image which was found in the journals of daVinci and Galileo. Set your baby on the STEAM path early! (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

    ~The Emotional Marshmallows present faces that help Junior begin to relate to people as she grows.

    ~The colorful Jellies also present captivating faces to intrigue your child.

  • The absorbent quality of natural cotton helps the blanket to retain the scent of important people in the little angel's life, thus stimulating baby's olfactory senses.


  • Natural cotton softens up more and more with each laundering. Your new little love will feel welcomed to the world as you cuddle up.


  • These adorable muslin blankets are very versatile! Use them for swaddling, of course, or as receiving blankets, stroller covers, or tummytime or security blankets. Infants, toddlers, and children of all ages love them!


Philosophy of the chief blanketeer

Chief blanketeer of Roxie's House of Joy Carol Vandiver Stein maintains that baby blankets can have a strong impact on the brain development of babies. She states, "The colors and designs provide visual stimulation helping to develop and grow their brain cells. We have chosen designs that are engaging and educate them in art, science, astronomy, philosophy and their own feelings." But she mostly wants the children to love their blankets! Sounds like she has a mother's heart!


Details of Roxie's House of Joy blankets

Roxie's House of Joy insists on premium 100% cotton muslin of light to medium weight. These 48 inch square wrappings are double-layered with a reinforced edging. A signature addition to each blanket is a blank satin tag for personalizing. Just write the little one's name on the tag! This can be quite useful for when baby is at nursery or daycare.

Each blanket arrives in a matching keepsake drawstring bag which can be used for anything you wish! Perhaps keep your child's travel toys in it to make an easy transition from house to car.


Summing it all up...

Roxie's House of Joy is dedicated to providing high quality baby blankets that charm and comfort babies and their caregivers. But they go the extra mile by ensuring that each blanket design supports the development of your baby's brain!

You don't have to hunt high and low for these gems! Roxie's House of Joy baby blankets are available on their website and on Amazon. And they come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee! Doesn't get much better than that!


Roxie's House of Joy has new designs! They. Are. Awesome! Check them out for yourself and your cuddly bunky boos! 

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