How to fold origami baby blanket flowers ~
Lotus Flower and Rose

For family Christmas dinner, I try to make a special table setting. Each year, I google how to fold square cloth napkins into fancy shapes. 

So, when I was folding square muslin swaddle blankets for my grandbaby, guess what crossed my mind?

You got it! I googled those nifty cloth napkin folds and started folding muslin swaddle blankets into delightful flowers!

I thought maybe you’d like to try it too, so I’ve made video tutorials showing you how.

Sometimes these origami baby blanket flowers present challenges that napkins don’t. When I encounter these challenges, I’ll help you with them.

Check out the tutorials for Lotus Flower and the Rose by clicking on each picture.

Be the envy of your mom group! Wow your grandkids with your magic! Fold these eye-pleasing origami muslin swaddle blanket flowers!

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