Make an adorable no-sew fleece blanket for baby ~
without the bulky knots!

Finished No-Sew fleece blanket with owl print on black fleece and lime green fleece

While shopping for fabric to make a no-sew fleece blanket for my granddaughter Bellany, I found this super-cute owl print fleece as a remnant, the last yard on the bolt. Since her parents are not really into the traditional boy-blue, girl-pink baby color scheme, I decided to make the back side lime green.

Raggedy edge on Owl fabricRaggedy edge on Owl fabric

When I laid the owl fabric out to make my measurements, I found that it was cut quite raggedy on one edge. Fortunately, the width got bigger than 36 inches instead of smaller, 41” at the widest. While considering how best to proceed with the project, I thought I'd make it 36 x 40 inches. That would account for the 3 inches per side that I'd be cutting to make the no-sew edging and still make a decent size fleece baby blanket, 30 x 34.

Now I want you to know that I actually have never worked with fleece before; it can be quite stretchy and slippery. So instead of my usual measuring and cutting with scissors, I opted to get myself an early Christmas present, a fabric cutting board, ruler, and a rotary cutter.

How did I ever live without these!!

The cutting mat is self-healing, which means that your rotary blade won't hurt it, so it will last a long time. I read the Amazon reviews and decided to get the mat that will fold in half. See the wavy edge in the picture? When the board is opened, the wavy joint does not affect the rotary cutting. Plus the board has no-slip grips on the back side. By the way, these three items are available as a kit if you don't want to take a lot of time searching around.

(All self-healing cutting mats must be stored flat, which is why I opted for the 24 x 36 inch size that folds in half, to take up less space. I love it!)

Basic directions for any no-sew fleece blanket

The general directions for a no-sew fleece blanket are quite simple:

  1. Buy fleece that will not unravel or shed
  2. Cut front and back fabrics the exact same size
  3. Lay them on top of each other with right sides facing out
  4. Cut a square out of each corner
  5. Cut the fringe
  6. Loop or knot the fringe using whatever method you want

And that's basically it!

Detail directions for this delightful Owl No-sew Fleece Blanket

Cutting owl fabric with rotary cutter on new mat with ruler
  1. As I mentioned, the owl remnant was rather raggedy, but using my new cutting board and rotary cutter made an easier job of making the fleeces the same size. I also cut off all the selvedges of both fabrics because they roll and would affect the look of the finished blanket.
Cutting off selvedges using new mat, ruler, and rotary cutter

    2. I laid both fabrics on top of each other with right sides facing out, being careful to match the sides carefully. You can pin it at this point, if it makes you more comfortable, but I didn't.

3x3 inch sticky note template to cut all four corners

    3. To cut a square out of each corner, I used a 3 inch square sticky note as a template, because I wanted 3" fringe. If you want longer fringe, make your square corner cutout larger.

Sticky note template cut to 1 1/4 x 3 inches for fringe

     4. From here, lots of enthusiastic crafters would just eyeball (estimate) the width of the fringe at a little over an inch, then cut. However, since this was my first no-sew fleece blanket, I made a template using another sticky note and cut it 1¼ inches wide. Using this template, I cut the fringe all along one side of the blanket at a time.

 At this point, you may opt to tie the bottom fringe to the top fringe with a double knot (Step 5 of the general directions). If you do, then you're done after you've gone all the way around. Kudos!

     5. But I didn't want all those bulky knots in the blanket that might make baby Bellany uncomfortable. No Princess and the Pea effect for my grandbaby! Plus, the visual effect of all those knots is like fireworks going off every which way. Fireworks are fun, and I like the fireworks effect, just not for this particular no-sew fleece blanket. So I chose a flatter method of finishing the edges.

     Doing one edge of the blanket at a time, I flipped the fringe up onto the blanket. Using scissors, I made a very tiny cut through both layers of fabric. This is the hole for looping the fringe. Right at this stage, I discovered that my scissors were not sharp enough to make tiny cuts. I had to be reeeally careful! (The cut in the picture is too big; I have decided to invest in a pair of Fiskars scissors. They have an excellent reputation for maintaining a sharp edge!)

I then used a double-loop method to finish the fringe.

Fringe flipped upFringe flipped up
Snipping tiny holeSnipping tiny hole
Tiny hole isn't tiny enoughTiny hole isn't tiny enough. Good thing this no-sew blanket is so forgiving!

Double-loop method: Each fringe has a top and bottom piece. Put the bottom piece through the tiny hole of the top piece and pull through. Then, put the new bottom piece through the tiny hole in the new top piece again and pull through. Tug it a little and lay it flat.


Separate top from bottom fringeSeparate top from bottom fringe
Put bottom fringe through tiny hole in top fringe-Tug throughPut bottom fringe through tiny hole in top fringe-Tug through
Put new bottom fringe through tiny hole of new top fringe-Tug through, Lay flatPut new bottom fringe through tiny hole of new top fringe-Tug through, Lay flat
Finished fringe on one side of blanket

 Do each set of fringe the same way all around the blanket.

And you're finished!

Honestly, this is one of the simplest, cutest no-sew fleece blankets ever! It's a popular choice for crafters who make baby blankets to donate to various charitable causes. Probably because it's such an easy pattern that even children can do it! Also, it washes up quite well, without the loops coming undone. If any of them do loosen up, just tug on them a little, and the blanket is good to go!

Finished no-sew fleece blanket

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