Stylish muslin swaddle blankets from Margaux and May

Muslin swaddle blankets are the specialty of Margaux and May, a family-owned baby products company. The characteristics that set their swaddle blankets apart from the crowd are the unique, sophisticated designs! Yes, you can DIY a muslin baby blanket, however each Margaux and May blanket could easily be used as a chic scarf to dress up your personal baby mama attire instead of being stuffed out of sight into the bulging diaper bag!

I bought the Ginko and Dandelion pair for my due-in-December granddaughter. These muslin swaddle blankets are generously sized at 47 inches square (120 cm square), which is considered a bit oversized. So I asked a group of moms at the park how they felt about swaddle blankets this size. Most said they would appreciate being able to use the blanket as their child grows. For swaddling, they agreed that you could just fold the blanket for a smaller baby. Because baby muslin is inherently breathable and lightweight, an infant would still be super comfortable.

How to swaddle your baby

Margaux and May give simple instructions on the back of each box!

How to swaddle directions on the Margaux and May box

Earth-friendly muslin swaddle blankets with personality plus!

The Margaux and May company is committed to respecting the earth while offering unique “personality” in their muslin swaddle blankets. Their stunning, bold designs are constructed of the best quality materials: 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton. The blankets I purchased are quite soft, although not kitten fur soft. At least, not yet!

Cotton muslin blankets are supposed to soften even more with every laundering. I have only washed these once, but they hold their shape very nicely! I think you'll agree that these blankets are an attractive and healthy choice for your sensitive little one.

Also important to note is that these swaddle blankets are offered with a 100% no hassle customer satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty!   You'll be pleased to know that the Margaux and May company continues their dedication to an earth-friendly attitude by using natural and recycled packaging for all of their baby blankets.

Margaux and May company details

The Margaux & May website now has a shopping cart feature! They also still utilize Amazon to make their baby products available to you. I like the amazon option because supports the charity of my choice! Check out the other stylish graphics!

Margaux and May is New Zealand based. In the words of their homepage, "Margaux & May is New Zealand designed, made around the world, to be enjoyed by all."

Chic and trendy muslin baby blankets for YOU and baby!

As a scarf with a simple front knot
As a scarf with a simple weave
As an infinity scarf-Tie a tiny knot with 2 diagonal corners

Notice I'm wearing a simple t-shirt! Nothing fancy but the Margaux and May "scarf"! Sorry about the blur!

So maybe your mom clothes can't be chic and trendy every single day. While caring for your precious little one with a Margaux and May muslin swaddle blanket, you can enjoy visual appeal and an earth-friendly attitude. These may remind you that you are a whole person with interests and ideas beyond the baby-minding years.

Right now, caring for your bundle of joy and the rest of your family may be your primary desire and responsibility. But you need to feed your own soul along the way! Margaux and May designer swaddle blankets (also a stylish wardrobe addition for you!) can be a continuing reminder!

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