Little Lotus lives to love babies everywhere!

Helping one million with NASA technology!

Little Lotus sleep sacks and swaddles

Space age technology for babies!

Little Lotus has taken the mystery out of dressing your little pumpkin for sleeping! No more second-guessing your good mommy skills! Their easy-to-use premium swaddles, sleep sacks, and blankets use proprietary fabric designed for NASA to keep your sweet baby's body temperature in a comfortable range. Don't you just love technology when it supports and strengthens your personal love and intuition? :-)

What is proprietary fabric?

Proprietary fabric is like a trademark of a company product. It actually belongs to that company. In this case, the proprietary owner would be NASA and/or Little Lotus.

Jane Chen, co-founder and CEO of Embrace Innovations explains this fabric, “Embedded in the fabric is a phase change material that is put into nanoparticles, so you can't see it but you can feel it. What it's doing is it's drawing on the warmth of the baby, and so if the baby gets too warm it absorbs some of that heat, and if the temperature drops it gives the heat back to the baby, always keeping it at an optimal temperature.” 

A philanthropic BONUS!

Every Little Lotus product sold provides an Embrace Innovations infant warmer for an at-risk infant in a developing country. So you can ensure your own child's comfort while saving the life of an innocent who needs an angel – you!

Artful design

These 21st century baby products are artfully cute! The signature handprint design uses the outline of actual mothers and babies who have been helped by the products of Embrace Innovations. The goal is to raise awareness of the cause of infant mortality in developing nations. 

So when you buy a Little Lotus product, your baby will surely rest better, and another mother's infant will survive! Win, win!

How did Little Lotus start?

Jane Chen and her colleagues were assigned a student group project at Stanford University in 2007. Their collaboration resulted in an infant incubator that does not rely on electricity. The group designed it to be particularly useful in areas with a high infant mortality rate and low technology access. The special temperature-regulating fabric provides a continual give and take of the heat within it. This prevents a dangerous rise or fall in body temperature.

Chen and the team needed a way to afford to provide these incubators to those who need them. So a new company, Little Lotus Baby, was “born.” Suffice it to say that these swaddles, sleep sacks, and blankets (all of which use the NASA proprietary fabric) are now available for purchase in the United States and on For every Little Lotus product we consumers purchase, an Embrace incubator is provided to assist vulnerable infants in a developing nation.

Imagine that! A one-to-one philanthropy! Mothers know what mothers feel when their baby's well-being is threatened. And we can help each other globally!

Check out the full text of these articles. You'll discover lots more information about Little Lotus Baby products, the Kickstarter campaign that began their availability, and how your purchase gives an at-risk boppli a stronger expectation of survival!

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