Little Gabies ~ With love from Ethiopia

What are Little Gabies? Simply speaking, they are the perfect baby blanket! Made from 100% natural, organic cotton, these ethnic style blankets are literally handcrafted in Ethiopia using traditional methods of farming, spinning, and weaving that go back thousands of years.

Over 20 adorable embroidery designs are available on Little Gabies! Gabi cloth is primarily white, but contemporary colors are interwoven in traditional striped designs.These heritage baby blankets become softer with every wash and are comfortable and breathable, perfect for any season of the year!

Little Gabies for children are double-layered and are available in 3 sizes: small-31.5 x 47 inches; medium-40 x 60 inches, and large-67 x 62 inches. Also offered are Mommy and Me sets, which are two matching blankets, a baby and a mommy sized.


Oh, and they have introduced a specialty blanket made of a blend of 100% Ethiopian cotton and 100% Mongolian cashmere! (I couldn't yet discover what percentage of each awesome fiber is used for these luxurious blankets! I wish I could get my hands on one!)

Little Gabies were introduced in the upscale baby boutique market in New York City. They subsequently expanded to the Norwegian market. But if you absolutely love artisinal handcrafted gifts made of all natural, organic materials, then you'll be delighted to know that Little Gabies are also available on Amazon! Woo hoo!!

A little background on the Little Gabies brand

Ethiopian new mom Amelsa Yazew, searched for the perfect baby blanket before her firstborn Caleb made his debut in 2013. She personally “interviewed” several blankets from diverse companies during her hunt. It wasn't until her baby shower that she discovered the perfect blanket for her baby.

Amelsa received a gift of a baby blanket made from a traditional Ethiopian gabi, a large blanket-style garment worn everywhere in Ethiopia. In a CNN video, the gabi is referred to as “almost a national symbol” of Ethiopia. It's no wonder that Amelsa would be so comfortable using a little gabi for her precious newborn!

Calling on her entrepeneurial spirit, this young professional mother (She graduated from Marshall University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management.) invoked the aid of local artisans to develop a baby blanket that fit her ideal of a business plan.

Amelsa insists that the product be handmade in the same way as traditional Ethiopian gabies. It must be made of 100% cotton from small organic farms. The cotton must be cleaned and hand-spun into thread for weaving using the ancient methods of her country. The blankets must be woven by hand on traditional looms.

To add a contemporary flair, adorable embroidery is added to the little gabies in the only mechanized step in the entire process, on a sewing machine.

Amelsa's deep commitment to locally-sourced and environmentally-friendly manufacture carries over even to the packaging materials. All recyclable materials are used. She also personally oversees every step of the operation, serving as her own quality control. However, an article in AddisFortune about Little Gabies indicates that her employees share her “drive to attain unparalleled quality.”

Little Gabies are a must-have if you love handcrafted gifts made by artisans using all natural, organic materials! You can be sure that Amelsa's Little Gabies are good for the planet, but even healthier for your baby! We are extremely fortunate that Little Gabies~With love from Ethiopia are available on Amazon!

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