Holiday baby blankets for every occasion of your infant's first year!

Holiday baby blankets wrap your baby in the spirit of each family celebration! Ramp up the fun with a holiday-specific blanket each month!

I am on a quest for adorable boutique holiday baby blankets. We honor so many holidays in our culture. As I write, we are facing St. Patrick's Day. So I'll begin my search with this Irish celebration.

Stop back by to check out what I find as the year progresses!

Saint Patrick's Day ~ March 17

Carraig Donn

This all natural 100% white Merino wool Sheep and Irish Shamrock baby blanket will keep your wee one cozy and warm as winter blusters its way out. The aran stitching is traditionally Celtic and knit by Ireland's largest home-based knitwear manufacturer Carraig Donn, established in 1968

I have an Irish branch on my family tree--maybe that's why I love Irish cable knits!

Creative Knitwear

If you prefer lots more green, this 100% cotton Irish Baby Shamrock Blanket is much more colorful and affordable. (Did you get it--green?  ;-) )

This 33 x 36 inch holiday baby blanket is more of a jersey/t-shirt fabric bound along all edges. It sports an embroidered shamrock applique. Your little leprechaun will be super comfortable in this soft, breathable fabric.

May the luck o' the Irish be with you!

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