Heart Cable baby blanket ~
knit in strips with crochet edge!

Craft some love for your wee valentine using knit and crochet! This pattern is so versatile, you could also make heirloom quality wedding afghans using the bride's colors! Maybe pure white for a special anniversary ~ so many possibilities!

Heart cable baby blanket knit strips can be found in several places on the net. I used the free version on the Studio Knit website. She has a video tutorial as well, if you like.

You can easily customize the size of this blanket for however big your sweet bonbon may be!

Gather these before you begin

Need to know:

  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Cable
  • Approx. 7 oz. white Red Heart Super Saver (or any 4 weight yarn of your choice) I used the Jumbo skein, so I have white left over. It might be a close call with the smaller skein.
  • About 4 oz. red RHSS
  • About 4 oz. gray RHSS 
  • 6 mm knitting needles
  • cable needle (or double-pointed needle)
  • tapestry needle
  • stitch markers
  • 6 mm crochet hook (I used 5.5 mm because I lost my 6 ~ it might have been better, but all worked out well)

Studio Knit also has a pdf of this pattern for sale. The colors on her code were very helpful!

Here's how to knit the heart cable baby blanket strips


Knit 3 white strips, 2 red strips, and 2 gray strips. Each strip begins with 4 rows of knit stitch (garter stitch) (not necessary, but I did). I made each strip 18 hearts long, then bound off.


Before stitching the strips together, lay them out and decide the color pattern you like best. With these strips, I had three choices and took a picture of each with my phone. (Sorry, but I accidentally deleted them so I can't show you.) As I scrolled through the images, I picked the one that felt best the most often. Sometimes a subjective choice is the best choice, don't you agree?

Heart Cable baby blanket joiningHeart cable strips all stitched up

Then, stitch them together. Nancy Wynn has a short youtube video that clearly shows how to do mattress stitch on garter edges. Her system of "smiles" and "frowns" helps to quickly stitch all the strips together.

To stitch each seam, I used the yarn color of the right-hand strip. For example, in the picture shown, I used the white yarn to join these two strips together. If gray was on the right, I used gray. You get the picture.

And that's it, unless you want a border around this heart cable baby blanket. And I did. Find out on the next page how I made a simple crochet edge that enhanced the heart motif.

Click here for the lacy crochet edge

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