Sophisticated fleece blanket with
chain edge

A handmade fleece blanket with chain edge will comfort any baby, no matter how old they get to be!

I've been making fleece blankets for my grandbabies this year for Christmas. One of them is now a sophomore at university! She is an exquisite young lady with many accomplishments under her belt, but she also has a strong sense of family and an appreciation of hard work.

So this almost no-sew blanket is for her! I chose a chic fleece design in contemporary colors to enhance her college dorm room decor.

Begin with the right kind of fleece

Since this is mostly a no-sew blanket, you must buy fleece that will not unravel! The fleeces I used were an anti-pill blizzard fleece and a raised dot fleece. Check for frayability by gently pulling on a cut side with both hands. If the edge simply curls to one side, then you have found fleece for a no-sew blanket. However, if the edge begins to pull apart, save it for a sewing project.

First steps for your almost no-sew fleece blanket with chain edge

Place your two pieces of fleece on top of each other with WRONG SIDES together. It's best to pin them or use binder clips at this point as you prepare to cut them the same size.

Then cut your fleece so that they are identical in size.

Next, prepare the corners and fringe

  • Cut a 2 inch square out of each corner.
  • Cut fringe 2 inches long and 1 inch wide along each side of the blanket.

Prepare the fringe for chaining

Fold each fringe over a little and make a tiny ¼ inch snip near the end with super sharp scissors. When unfolded, this will be a cut about ½ inch long. (Big cuts look sloppy to me. That's why I keep them small.) Keep the snip near the end of the fringe, but not so close that the fabric will tear.

How to make the chain edge of your fleece blanket

I'm right-handed, so I worked left to right. Southpaws may want to work from the opposite direction.  The result - still stunning!I'm right-handed, so I worked left to right. Southpaws may want to work from the opposite direction. The result - still stunning!

For this type of edging, I like to begin “chaining” about 2/3 down one of the long sides. It keeps the turn at the corner smooth. Also, the end of the chain can be made unnoticeable here, if you want.

As you can see in the picture, the “chain” rests on the top side of the blanket (the side that is facing up) and makes a decorative edge. So decide which color you want to make the border. I opted to let the black frame the blue dot fabric. So the blue is the facing-up fabric.

DESIGN ALERT: You can make an alternate chain effect by turning every other fringe so the top color stays on top sometimes. The picture shows what I mean. Experiment to find what appeals to you for your fleece with chain edge blanket.

What direction you work in really doesn't matter. I am right-handed so I work left to right. Just work in the opposite direction if you are a southpaw.

Steps to chain


1. Pick up one set of fringe (top and bottom fringe together). Fold it in half lengthwise.

2. Feed it through the little hole on the fringe right behind it (whatever direction you’re working).

3. Pull the "chain link" through.

Repeat these steps and continue in this manner all around the blanket. The corners will lay really nicely since you cut out the 2 inch squares.

The final touch

When you get back to where you started, you have a choice to make. You can finish in a completely no-sew fashion by cutting the last fringe in half lengthwise and tying off. I could not make this work for me no matter how hard I tried! To get the knot tied securely around the chain in front of it, the blanket would not lay flat.

Instead, I opted to lay the last fringe over the beginning and sew a one-inch button over it! Got this idea from Claire Chitko on youtube

Before I wrapped this chain-edge fleece blanket to ship it across the country, I acquired a much classier button ~ a black post button with a faux crystal embedded. It really upped the sophistication quality for my college sophomore! Unfortunately, I did not get a picture.

So this blanket is almost a no sew fleece blanket, except for the stitches to attach the button. But it turned out to be so stylish! My granddaughter was excited to take it back to school with her!

NOTE: I wouldn’t use a button at all if making this fleece blanket for an actual baby. Safety first ~ don’t want any possibility of choking. If you can’t get the final knot of fringe to lay flat, then just stitch it without the button. Still looks cozy chic!

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