Corkscrew stitch crochet edging ~
the Shirley Temple stitch!

Step up your embellishments with this corkscrew stitch edging!

Corkscrew stitch on a baby blanket
Corkscrew curlique stitch

Curlique, spiral, ringlet, corkscrew, rotini ~ However you call it, this stitch reminds me of a little moppet who made lots of movies. I like to refer to it as the Shirley Temple stitch! (Hope that's not a copyright infringement :-) )

This variegated C2C baby blanket that I rescued from Goodwill needed a little sprucing up, so I added this white corkscrew edging for some fun and pop! And to show you how simple it is!

Here's how to crochet the corkscrew stitch ~ super easy!

1. Slip stitch (or tie on) to attach the yarn to the corner of your blanket.

2. Chain 15. Your corkscrew will be as long as your chain.

3. Starting in 2nd chain from hook, work 3dc in each chain. The corkscrew will quickly become apparent.

4. When the corkscrew is done, skip a stitch on the edge of the blanket, then single crochet to anchor the spiral.

5. Single crochet 6 times (or as many as you want between your corkscrews).

6. Repeat steps 2-4.

As you work your way around the blanket, you may need to fudge the number of single crochets you make so that you can place a corkscrew in each corner.

Corkscrew spiral stitch in white

VOILA! Fun and funky, right?

Corkscrew stitch for safety?

My interest in this stitch is the direct result of a hazard in my backyard. 

Have you ever had to stake up a young tree and tether it with cable so it will grow straight? Well, we did, last fall.

And since then, I have tripped or almost tripped on the cable several times. Worse than that, my grandson RJ had a run-in with it!

Something had to be done. RJ has a little sister now. So...

I crocheted a vibrant red corkscrew edge all along the cable!

Lots of other uses for the "Shirley Temple" stitch

  • You could use this stitch to make funky fun-time hair! Great dress-up item for kids and adults!
  • You could even make a garland to decorate for parties!
  • Or how about really long dangles as a curtain in a doorway?! (CHOKING HAZARD! Monitor children!)
  • You could make eight of them and connect it to a head to make an octopus.
  • Make them as a pompom for on top of a hat

Share your ideas  for crochet spirals in the comments below!

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