A Bamboo Blanket
Is it as Good as They Say?

Is a bamboo blanket safe to wrap and clothe little bitty humans? Or are bamboo products too good to be true? 

To answer these questions, we need to investigate where bamboo fabric comes from.

Delicate baby skin deserves the truth

Infant skin is generally considered to be much more sensitive than an adult’s. Jennifer Shu, M.D. of healthychildren.org (American Academy of Pediatrics) states that baby skin can be up to five times thinner than that of older children and adults. So we as caregivers must undoubtedly consider how the products we use can help or harm these vulnerable ones.

Also, familial skin conditions exist, such as eczema and allergic dermatitis, which baby may have inherited. We must always keep in mind the possibility that our child may have an adverse condition and watch for reactions when we purchase products our babies will use.

Natural bamboo 

Bamboo as a plant actually rocks the natural world in several ways!

Bamboo is a very sustainable type of grass that renews itself quickly. Sources say approximately 1500 species of bamboo exist on the planet. It grows on every continent except Antarctica and Europe.  

The consensus of research on the internet supports the growing of bamboo as extremely eco-friendly. Everyone seems to agree on the following characteristics of bamboo.

  • It uses very little water to grow so it requires no additional irrigation
  • It has natural antimicrobial properties so it is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers
  • It rarely needs to be replanted and can be harvested in 3-5 years (much, much faster than trees)
  • It grows quickly and can be harvested as much as 5 times annually
  • It produces 35% more oxygen than a comparable stand of trees
  • It absorbs 5x more carbon dioxide than a comparable stand of trees 
  • It inhibits soil erosion and improves soil quality
  • It grows in a wide range of environments and terrain

Sounds pretty much like the perfect plant!

Now let’s consider the attributes of the yummy soft bamboo baby blankets and clothing we can choose from.

Reputed properties of a bamboo blanket

You’ve seen it already. Marketing and advertising make bamboo textiles seem like they qualify for sainthood:

·         Silky soft texture

·         Breathable

·         Lightweight, strong

·         Effectively wicks moisture away from skin

·         Highly absorbent

·         Helps regulate body temperature

·         Antistatic

·         Antibacterial/antifungal

·         Resists odors

·         Sun protective

·         Biodegradable

·         Easy to launder (dry cleaning not required)

Obviously, an ultra-soft, lightweight, strong fabric that helps regulate your baby’s body temperature and battles bacteria while protecting her from the sun is the one you want! Add to that, if it wicks moisture away from delicate baby skin, what loving caregiver can resist!

The truth about a bamboo blanket is that all of the above are accurate, at least to some degree, depending on what studies you read. Sounds like bamboo fabrics will keep baby super comfortable and save the world at the same time! A miracle fabric!

So now we all rush out and stock up on bamboo baby blankets, clothing and cloth diapers, right? 

Not so fast, Mom, Grandma.

There’s more you need to know.

Bamboo fabric has a dark side.

Read the truth about bamboo blankets production

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