About me, Susan Hayden,
baby blanket enthusiast!

Welcome to the wonderful world of wee wrappings for your precious babe! BabyBlanketCentral is devoted to enabling you to find or craft simple yet adorable baby blankets for the new addition in your life.

I'm Susan Hayden, a highly-qualified, recently retired elementary school teacher and happy grandma! Since retirement, I'm beginning to focus my energies on a list of desirable extracurricular activities for which there has been no time, until now. One of those activities is making a website!

My family includes my husband who is a disabled army veteran. I also have two married sons who have each graced my life by marrying a delightful young woman. One of these "daughters" has borne my precocious grandson and a determined granddaughter (They live across the street!). The younger son and his wife have chosen to focus on school and careers for now. My stepson has a lovely wife and family as well, with three daughters. My daughter and her two girls, as well as my  step-daughter and her kids and grandkids, are unfortunately miles and miles away, but we stay in touch! :-)

My background

Since upper elementary school, I have been a crafter. My mom taught my sisters and me how to sew using her old Singer machine. After I expressed interest in knitting and crochet, she showed me what she knew, which was very basic. Since the public library was my favorite haunt at the time, I cultivated my needlework skills by checking out how-to books. I spent hours in my room deciphering the codes and practicing my stitches.  You say, "Get a life, girl!" I say, constructing useful, beautiful items with yarn or thread was my life, and I loved it! 

I am excited to get to know all of you because, if you're on this site, then I think you're a little like me: smart, talented - even crafty, inquisitive, and full of hope and energy for a positive life! You love your family and your friends, and you want to bless them with the kindness and devotion to their welfare that you feel in your heart.

Together we can share information, experience, knowledge, even patterns for baby blankets so that we are all equipped to make informed decisions about what we wrap around the most vulnerable among us besides our loving arms.

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