No-sew blanket with double knots ~ Channel your inner Girl Scout!

Let's make a no-sew blanket with double knot Girl Scout style! If you are or were a scout, then you already know the knot needed to make this traditional no-sew blanket out of fleece.

Some troops craft blankets like these as community service. They tie with a square knots, then donate the blankets to homeless or ill children. You could too!

Or make some for the special people in your life that you want to wrap in comfort and love. So let's get started!

Basics for a no-sew blanket with double knot

To begin any traditionally-tied no-sew fleece blanket with double knot, you need to get two layers of polar-type fleece. This fleece will not unravel, so be sure to get the right kind! Back when I didn't know the difference, one of my layers was a plush fleece. Oh, baby, did it ever shed! Lint everywhere! I had to change my strategy and sew those edges together!

You can be sure of your fleece by gripping one edge of the fleece with both hands. Then gently pull your hands away from each other horizontally (side-to-side). If the fleece begins to pull apart, it's a no-go for a no sew blanket. If it just curls to one side or the other, it's fine to use for a no-sew. (I had to hold the camera for these pics, so I used the fingers of one hand to stretch the fleece.)

See how the fleece pulls apart? Definitely NOT for a no-sew blanket!See how the fleece pulls apart? Definitely NOT for a no-sew blanket!
This fleece just curls to one side without pulling apart. It is perfect for a no-sew blanket!This fleece just curls to one side without pulling apart. Perfect for a no-sew blanket with double knot!

Next steps

Cut the selvedge edges off your fleece. Then stack them together with RIGHT SIDES FACING OUT. Cut them to be the same size. Depending on the size of your blanket, you may want to use the floor for this. If it's a baby blanket for a wee little one, then a tabletop should be adequate.

This particular blanket is for an upper elementary “baby” so it's afghan size. And since college loyalties run strong in her family, well, you can see for yourself in the pictures!

Cut a 4 inch square from each corner. Then cut fringe that is 4 inches long and approximately 1 inch wide all around the blanket.

It's okay to cut just one side at a time and tie that, then move to another side. No sew blankets with double knot are so forgiving!

The sticks just show where I tied the first knots to anchor the blanket together.The sticks just show where I tied the first knots to anchor the blanket together.
This is me crafting on the sofaThis is me crafting on the sofa! :-)

I wanted to relax on the couch in the evening to tie this no-sew blanket with double knot. So, while it was lying on the table, I tied a knot at the ends and in the middle to anchor each side of the blanket. Then I got comfortable on the sofa to finish tying all the rest.

The Scouting square knot

Here's a video to tie the Scouting square knot. I learned “left over right, then right over left" when I was a kid. To apply that method to this no sew blanket, I changed it to “bottom over top, then top over bottom.” This is the no sew blanket with double knot. The first half of the knot should not be real tight, but the second part of the knot should cinch it up. (Hopefully soon I'll have the equipment to make a video tutorial for you visual learners out there! :-) )

Do this all around the blanket and voila! You're finished and ready to wrap it up to include in a care package for your college "baby!"

The RahRah blanket!

This traditional double knot method for tying is awesome for a sports-themed blanket because the ties remind me of cheerleader pom-poms! Shake that blanket and Go, team, go! Rah, rah, rah!

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