Baby blankets are like puppies!

Here at Baby Blanket Central, our time, effort, and expertise are devoted to helping you share your love with your baby. We want to do our part by enabling you to find or craft simple yet adorable baby blankets for the new addition in your life.

I think baby blankets are so much like puppies. They're wicked cute, silky soft, and oh, so cuddly! 

But baby blankets don't lick your face at 4:00 in the morning. Or chew your brand new, splurge-buy Guccis into a soggy pulp. 

Or tangle your yarn stash into a pile, like tumbleweeds against a fence after a 40 mph windstorm.

Baby blankets ~ not just for babies!

These wee wrappings are a basic kindness toward the most innocent among us. But this consideration may also extend to other family members, neighbors, friends, acquaintances, strangers, and even to animals! Everyone needs a comfort item, for remembrances, for warmth, for enjoyment, for assurance. Baby blankets can do all that.

Take a look around BabyBlanketCentral and find more ways to show kindness in your circle of influence!

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Crafting for Charity

If you have the time, resources, and desire to help babies in need with your talents (Oh, that there would never be a needy baby in the world!), I will connect you with organizations through which you can channel your compassion and handmade baby blankets.

So, how can I help you here at Baby Blanket Central? We're on this earth together, so let's help each other extend the hand of kindness in our own circles of influence!

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